In IoT, SiSOC provides service in architecting the solution. The solutions include development from scratch using off-the -shelf chipset or customize existing solution to reduce the cost or increase the features.
Each IoT solution focuses on having optimized & robust HW, HW/SW security, secure communication (wired/wireless). The solution also focus on saleable backend cloud solution to store and process large amount of data along.

Following are the service provided in IoT

  • Architecting the solution for industrial automation, home automation, freight management, hospital management etc.
  • PCB design for Custom made board with the perspective of reducing cost and adding special features.
  • Optimizing the hardware, firmware and software to reduce power consumption
  • Board bring up with low level driver development, porting customized operating system or scheduler and enabling interface for WiFi,
  • Zigbee and BLE
  • Porting of web service, enabling TCP/IP to connect to cloud
  • Cloud backend development with secure connection
  • Analysis of the stored date / data analytics
  • Web UI development, mobile application development for controlling the system and for viewing meaningful information to take corrective actions.
  • Testing the solution for robustness, safety and security.